For Oculus Quest 2 VR Magnetic Eyeglass Anti-Blue Lens Frame Quick Disassemble Clip Lens Protection For Oculus Quest 2 Glasses

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for Oculus Quest 2 Elite Adjustable Head Strap

【Latest upgrade in 2021】 Protective Shell + face pad

Comfortable Small Head Frame Refined Version

3in1 Silicone Grip Ring Cover for Oculus Quest 2

100% new quality!You deserve to have!


👓【Yansom Original Design】Anti-scratch Washer for Glasses, Yansom’s unique design, is used to protect glasses from scratching VR lenses. Can be compatible with Oculus Quest 2/Quest, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Go.

👓【Anti-blue light】The anti-blue light lens can prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. It can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for long-term immersion in the VR world without feeling fatigue.

👓【Insertion type myopia lens frame】The frame is specially tailored for myopia people. You can choose the right lens to insert into the frame according to your myopia, so you don ‘t need to wear glasses anymore (Note that myopia lenses are not included).

👓【The adsorption speed is very fast】Built-in powerful magnet in the frame, automatic adsorption, 2 seconds quick disassembly.

👓【Easy to Install】First, Pay attention to distinguish “L” and “R”. Second, Install Lens Anti-Scratch Ring on Oculus Quest 2 lens. Secure one end of the lens protection frame in and press the other end down. When you hear a “click”, it means that the installation has been successful.Finally put the magnetic Anti-blue lens frame on the Lens Anti-Scratch Ring.

👓【Enhance the VR experience】Specially developed lenses frame for the nearsighted people,you no longer need to worry that the glasses will scratch the VR lens.


2*Lens Anti-Scratch Ring;
2*Anti-blue lens frame;
2*Insertion type myopia lens frame

※※※(Please Note: lenses can be customized, not including myopia lenses)


Questions and answers:

1. How many products are there in this package?

Answer: Hello, dear buyer,
A total of 6 (2 fixed magnetic frames + 2 anti-blue lenses + 2 frames (used for buyers to customize myopic lenses, not including myopic lenses))

2. Does the package include blue light lenses?

Answer: Hello, dear buyer,
Yes. There are 2 anti-blue lenses.

3. Are there any myopia lenses in the package?

Answer: Hello, dear buyer,
Sorry, no, we will provide 2 frames for buyers to assemble myopic lenses by themselves. Because each buyer has a different degree of myopia, there is no myopia lens in the package, buyers need to customize myopia lenses by themselves.

Additional information

Brand Name


Compatible Brand

For Oculus Quest 2 VR Glasses Accessories



Compatible Model

Compatible with Oculus Quest,Oculus Rift S,Oculus Go VR Glasses

Model Number

Magnetic Eyeglass Frame


Anti-Blue Lens Frame For Oculus Quest 2

Type 1

Magnetic glasses Frame For Oculus Quest 2

Type 2

Magnetic Eyeglass Frame Quick Disassemble Clip

Type 3

Lens Protection For Oculus Quest 2 Accessories


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