LILYGO T5-4.7 inch E-paper ESP32 V3 version 16MB FLASH 8MB PSRAM WIFI/Bluetooth for arduino


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LILYGO T5 4.7-inch E-Paper is another version of the T5 series of electronic ink screens.The T5 series of ink screen versions include 1.02, 1.54, 2.13, etc., from small to large electronic ink screen versions.We have been committed to low-power design optimization. This 4.7-inch version continues the low-power design, the sleep mode current is about 170uA, and two optional battery modes are designed on the back.One is PH 2.0 pitch 2pin interface, and the other is 18650 battery metal connector. Two power supply modes for you to choose.A 6pin touch screen interface is reserved as an optional accessory to facilitate your application.There are 5 buttons reserved on the side, 3 of which are custom buttons, which can define functions flexibly. One is the reset button.Dimension drawing:LILYGO T5 4.7 inch E-Paper motherboard parameters:-ESP32-WROVER-E (ESP32-D0WDQ6 V3)-16MB FLASH-PSRAM 8MB-USB to TTL CP2104-4.7 inches, 540(H)X960(V) resolution, 16 Gray Level ED047C1, and supports partial refresh.-960X540 resolution 8-bit parallel port 4.7 inch ink screen-4pin 2.0 molex 4 p 53015-0410 X3-RST button X1-Custom button X3-TYPE-C-Battery holder PH 2.0 pitch-18650 battery metal connector-6pin FPC touch screen expansion connector-Battery charge and discharge protection chip-USB input power [email protected] expansion interface output is 3.3V-Sleep mode [email protected]~170uAdevelop software:-arduino-IDF-MicropythonApplication scenario:-Desktop weather station-STEM Education-IOT devicePin diagram:The Link Of M3 magnetic nut:

GitHub Link:

3D printed shell file:

LILYGO T5-4.7 E-Paper is attached to the refrigerator by soldering magnetic screw:

About T-FH:

The Link Of T-Watch Sensor:The Link Of T-F card expansion module:
Cable For Sensor Module:Basic information of 4.7 inch capacitive touch screen cover:It is adapted to T5-4.7 inch e-paper by directly using the touch screen of the mobile phone and modifying the driver. So you will see the cutouts on the buttons, the position of the handset of the phone, and the round hole for the camera, which are not functional.- Touch chip: L58- White glass frame- Support multi-touchAbout 4.7 Inch capacitive touch screen protective cover link:Note for use:

  • For more use of driver parameters, please refer to our github instructions.

  • Avoid pulling the touch screen cable when using it.

  • When using, it needs to correspond to the pin sequence of the touch screen, do not reverse the connection, otherwise the touch screen may be damaged.

  • The touch screen is equipped with adhesive paper that is attached to the e-paper. The adhesive film must be torn off when using it, and the display area on the corresponding e-paper is correctly pasted. Avoid tearing the adhesive tape repeatedly or it may damage the touch screen.

  • Shipping List 1:(LILYGO T5-4.7 inch E-paper 18650 battery holder X 1)(Without battery)Shipping List 2:(LILYGO T5-4.7 inch E-paper PH 2.0 holder X 1)(Without battery)

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